Summer Parade

April 17, 2011

In and out.
In and out.
Oh, look at them go.
The parade of maggots inching their way through the fetid corpse, what a tremendous delight!
Gnawing, gnashing
Gnashing, gnawing
Sweet liquid putrefaction
Squirming through pools of decaying tissue, may this glorious day never end!
Heat rising
Heat rising
Higher and higher it goes.
Belly bloated, skin crawling, overwhelming all with the scent of ammonia,
Sticky crimson
Sticky crimson
Is left in pools under the shade.
Colder and colder, the blood stiffens up, and soon there will be only rust!
O bright sun,
O bright sun,
Come and bake me away,
Bake this body into a menacing skeleton, leaving a fool’s grinning skull.
On and on
On and on
Over the course of summer
May the parade of death, sickly sweet, march forward through all encumbrances!

-DeAnne Evans


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