A Dirty Nightmare

March 3, 2010

Feels like my heart is being wrenched out of me…

Blood spills
All on this dirty floor
Screams bounce
From wall to fucking wall
Creep out from every pore
In my head make me crawl

I’m tired, so damn tired
This darkness won’t leave me alone
Can’t fight how I’ve been wired
It takes away all that I own

Your face
Haunts my waking moments
Your voice
Calls to me in my dreams
Your heart
Beats within my presence
I am
Falling apart at my seams

I hear them calling me to come and play
“Kill her” is all they ever seem to say
“Death” is all I hear

Gun shots
Bouncing here and there
My heart
Lies shattered on the floor
Ringing without a care
Shakes me
And scares me to my core

Death, elusive Death,
Where has all my Hope gone now?

-DeAnne Evans


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