The Scarlet Vengeance

December 17, 2009

It was a cold night in the midwest. In short, it was perfect. She lit up a cigarette and took a drag. This wasn’t her first rodeo, as they say, but she still got anxious before each time. It didn’t matter though, after a few drinks and some dancing she would loosen right up. She always did. As she finished her cigarette, she smirked. It was hard to believe she’d come so far.

23 years ago was the worst night of her life, yet so pivotal to who she would become. It’s hard to say now whether or not she still resented it. She still visits her mother’s grave from time to time, and always on the anniversary of her death. She puts aside “business” on that day and makes sure to be home. 23 years ago her mother was murdered in front of her. It was the day before her fourth birthday, and her mother was trying to make a little extra money in order to take her to Chuck E. Cheese’s. She did wish she had never asked her mother to take her there. She couldn’t help but wonder if she was the reason for her mother’s death.

Her mother had been a “working woman”. She had worked the streets for years, and had gotten knocked up once, resulting in Scarlett. The night she died, she had picked up man from a local bar. She didn’t know he was married, she made it a rule to never take home married men. She had always said that marriage was sacred. The man that night was married though, and his wife was jealous. The bartender had told the wife where Scarlett’s mother and the woman’s husband had headed to, and the wife decided to meet them there. What happened next was grotesque and violent.

She walked in on them mid-coitus and shrieked. Before Scarlett’s mother could even say anything, the wife had taken her small handgun from her purse  and painted Scarlett’s mother’s brains all over the wall behind her. Scarlett was too stunned to make a sound. Next, amidst her husband’s cries, she tied him to the now bloody bed and then left to go get something from their house. When she came back, she still didn’t notice the little girl, but she did take out a pair of scissors and remove an axe from her car trunk. She then proceeded to cut off her husband’s dick. She wanted to do that while he was still alive so he could understand he was being emasculated. Then she picked up the axe and cut off all his limbs, as well as his head. She put his dick in his mouth and spat on the whore. Finally turning around to leave, she noticed the little girl. Not knowing what to say or do, she simply stared then walked out of the hotel room and got into her car and drove away.

Scarlett never forgot that night. Growing up, she couldn’t stand men, especially married men. Not that she trusted women much either, but they were a bit more tolerable. She knew that if that man hadn’t have been married, her mother would still be alive today, and she would have been raised by her instead of the foster care system. She grew up a loner, though she didn’t have to be. She was the kind of girl that could have any guy she wanted. Long chestnut brown hair with auburn highlights, forest green eyes framed by long lashes, and a curvy body that would have made Beyonce jealous. She was taller than average, and had long, sculpted legs. She was hot, and she knew it.

She was also dangerous to men’s health. From the age of 10, she had been training in various martial arts. She had also qualified for marksman in shooting, and had extensive weapons training during her 4 year stint in the Army. An avid hunter, she knew how to track any animal, to include men. In her eyes, men were nothing but bipedal animals. They could be tracked, killed, and skinned, just like any other prey. Of course, they knew nothing about her stance towards them, unless they had the pleasure of doing business with her. However, no man that did business with her, ever had the ability to warn others. She only had two tattoos: one that read “Thou shalt not commit adultery” on her inner thigh, and another that read “Dead Men Tell No Tales” which was placed on her upper middle back. These are important.

She killed her first john when she was 22. That was 5 years ago. It was messy and it surprised her how difficult it was to actually kill someone. She made a lot of mistakes that night. She had always seen the dramatic versions they have in movies and on tv, where the killer points a gun in his victim’s face and while the victim falls to pieces, begging for their life, the killer pulls the trigger. Easy. Unfortunately in real life, most men will actually try to fight back to keep their lives. Not many just beg. Her first kill was one of the ones that fight. She had a nasty scar on her left shoulder from where he had been able to get her with a knife. She also made the mistake of not using a silencer. The police had been called and she barely escaped the hotel room before they crashed into it. Her license plates had been photographed, and so she had been forced to find new ones. She definitely learned a lot.

Now, she was somewhere in the midwest, and it was time to loosen up. Her next target had already been identified and she was only waiting to lure him in. She walked into the club and immediately made her way to the bar. First things first, she needed a drink. After ordering a double whiskey on the rocks, she scanned the room to find her target. He was standing on the other side of the club, chatting up some young woman with platinum blonde hair and huge, obviously fake, tits. She rolled her eyes. Gulping down her whiskey, a song came on that she liked. It was time to start the show. Making her way out on to the dance floor, she knew that other men were watching her. She was wearing a short dress and leopard print heels with fishnets. She knew how to dress. Moving her body to the rhythm of the music, she lost herself to it. Eventually she’d have to pay more attention, make sure he was noticing, but for now she was free to enjoy herself.

Three double whiskeys and 5 songs later, he noticed her. He made his way over to her and asked her to dance. She smiled, which he interpreted as her being interested. Which she was, just not in the way he had in mind. He didn’t know that. Half an hour later, he walked out with her and they made their way to a hotel room. She fucked him like he had never been fucked, and she came more than once. This was standard practice for her. A girl had to get off somehow, and since these men were technically paying her for sex, she might as well give them their money’s worth. She really wanted to smoke, but she knew her job wasn’t done. She cuffed him to the bed and grinned at him. “We going for a round 2, babe?” he laughed. “You could say that! But first I need to go to the bathroom.”  He had already commented on her adultery tattoo, now he needed to see her back tattoo. She turned around, presumably to go to the bathroom. “That’s an interesting tattoo.” She smiled.

“Why do you have it?”
“It goes with the other one you saw.”
“How so?”
“Well, the one on my thigh is a commandment.”
“I know that! I grew up in the church!”
“Yet, you just committed adultery.”
“I’m not married! Do you see a ring on my finger?”
“No, but I’ve done my homework. You’ve been married for 3 years and have a kid. You frequently pick up hookers and fuck them. Once you’re done and decide it’s time to leave, you beat them. Sometimes to death. Did I miss anything?”

He was quiet. He was also afraid. No one knew about this side of him, how the hell did she find out? His mind was racing to find an answer. “How do you know? I don’t have a criminal record, and I’ve never been taken in to the station for anything.” He finally asked her. He had to, he wasn’t coming up with a damn thing. “I’m good, baby. Haven’t you figured that out yet? Now, would you like to know how my other tattoo ties in with the first?” He didn’t know how to answer. “I’m speaking English, yeah? And I know you’re not a mute, we’ve already established that. Do you want to know or not?” He still didn’t answer, just looked at her with fear in his eyes. “Fine. I’ll tell you anyway. After I hunt down adulterers, such as yourself, and confront them with their sins, I kill them. Can’t have them going around telling people about me. Are you ready to die?”

His breath stopped. His eyes widened even more with fear as her words sank in.
“Why would you kill me? You’re the one who enticed me in! You’re the temptress!”
“Yes, I suppose I am, but let’s be honest. If you hadn’t have gone home with me, it would have been someone  else. Maybe that slutty blonde you were talking to earlier?”
“Please… You know I have a wife and kid!”
“Yeah, I’m saving them from the heartbreak you’d eventually have given them. At least this way, they can salvage their memories of you and move on. Trust me, they’ll be ok.”
“You know one of the other commandments says ‘Thou shalt not murder’.”
“So they say. Too bad I never read that one, huh?”

He started to cry. “What a coward” she thought to herself. A job’s a job though and this dog needed to be put down. She gagged him so he couldn’t scream, then carved  a giant, capital “A” on his chest. This was inspired by one of her favorite books, The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It had become her modus operandi, marking the adulterers she killed with the scarlet letter of shame. He tried to cry out in pain, but it was in vain. By this point, she was good at what she did. The “A” oozed blood, and his tears came more profusely. She looked at him, this naked, cowardly man lying in the hotel bed bleeding, and felt a twinge of pity. It really was a waste of a life. Good thing  she was ending it. She pulled out her .44 with a silencer, and pulled the trigger.

She hopped in the shower and washed away the sex and the blood from her body. Afterwards packing up her stuff and heading out to another hotel across town. She stopped at an alley where a man was standing in a trench coat. “How much for a dimebag?” she asked. “15” was his muffled response. A little steep, but she needed something to relax her so she could try to sleep. Sleep never came easily for her. She paid him and went to her room. Listening to Muse, she rolled a joint. As soon as she took her first puff, she immediately felt more relaxed. She was feeling good at the end of it and was ready to call it a night, when there was a knock at her door.

“Who the fuck could that be?” she murmured to herself. Making her way slowly and quietly to the door, she looked through the peephole and saw no one. She readied her handgun, then opened the door. That’s when she saw him, the midget. He smiled a greasy sort of smirk at her and winked. She was repelled. “What the fuck do you want you short freak?” She wasn’t known for her tact, that’s for sure. He laughed this high pitched hyena giggle that made her want to claw out her eardrums. “Hey baby, I just thought you might like to know, that I know what you are.” He smiled his greasy smirk again. She was thoroughly disgusted, but she was curious.

“What are you talking about? And make it quick, I don’t have time for you.”
“Oh, I think you do.”
“Whatever. You going to talk or should I slam this door into your ugly face? Might improve it.”
“You’re a real bitch, you know that?”
“It’s been mentioned.”
“I know you’re a freak too. A monster.”
“Last I checked, I was not a midget, and I’m fuckin’ hot.”
He have her the once over. “Yeah, that you are.”
“You’re still a monster. You killed a man then left him in his own blood!”
“And you know this how?”
“I was there you stupid bitch! You think I come up with shit just off the top of my head? You blew his fucking brains out, and left him cuffed to the bed! And you carved an ‘A’ in his fucking chest. What kind of freak does that?”
“If I’m such a monster, why did you come and let me know what you saw? Don’t you feel a little unsafe?”
“Why would you hurt lil ole me? You don’t even like me!”
“Which is why I’d kill you.”

He grinned at her again which made her shudder. She had never been so repulsed. She had to figure out how to get rid of him, and quick. He knew too much. Dead men tell no tales. He wouldn’t come in to her hotel room, he’d probably assume, and rightly so, that she’d kill him if he did. New plan.

“Fine. Want to go get something to eat? We can talk more then, but I’m starving.”
“Sure! There’s a Denny’s up the road. That work for you, hot stuff?”
“Yeah. Don’t call me hot stuff.”
“Whatever, babe.”

She grabbed her purse and then walked out the door. She would take care of her little problem, and she meant that in every meaning of the phrase. As soon as  they sat down they ordered drinks, and as soon as those arrived, told him she was going out for a smoke. He decided to join her, like she hoped he would, and as he got up, she slipped something in his drink. She gave him a cigarette when they got outside so he’d shut the hell up. She was now ready to go back in. Dinner or whatever you want to call it went by quickly, and afterwards she took him to an office building she knew of. They went inside and he continued to ask her questions.

“So seriously, why ‘A’?”
“It’s from The Scarlet Letter. It means adultery.”
“So you kill men who sleep with other women when they’re married?”
“Yes and no. I kill men who sleep with other women when they’re married who also have a bad habit of beating or killing the other women.”
“So you’re like some kind of fucked up superhero. Righting wrongs and shit. I can dig it.”
“Never thought about it that way.”
“I bet you’d look hot in a leotard and tights too!” He winked.
“Don’t expect that to happen any time soon… The closest I get to a uniform is my skanky outfits used to lure in my victims.”
“A modern day superhero! Complete with mini skirt and high heels! I think I like that more!”
“So what’s so damn cool about this place, anyway?”
“Well, I doubt you’ll go see that part of the building with me.”
“And why’s that?”
“It’s the roof. Best view in the city, swear to god! But you know, me being a monster and everything, I kinda doubted you’d go up there with me.”

He was starting to seriously feel the effects of what she had put into his drink.
“Ah babe, of course I’d go with you!” he slurred.
She had to smile as she said, “Good.”

She lead him to the elevators and pressed the button that took them to the roof. Once they got out there, he was definitely surprised. She hadn’t lied. It really was the best view in the city. “Wow-ee.” She smiled again and waited for the drugs to hit him a little harder. Once he started to sway, she knew she had him. She walked over to the ledge and looked up. Before she knew it, he was there beside her, also looking up.

“You know, I don’t think I asked your name.”
“Walter, babe. Yours?”
“Pretty name. Suits you too, with your obsession with that damn book and all!”
“Yeah, I guess it does.” She smiled again.

Quickly she shoved Walter, and watched him flail down the 7 stories of the building. By this time, he couldn’t even scream, because the roofie she had slipped him was affecting his brain to the point he couldn’t process what was going on quick enough. He hit the ground with a sickening crunch, and she let out a contented sigh. It was over. He wouldn’t be revealing her secrets to anyone. She lit up another cigarette and gazed at the moon. It really was a beautiful night.

-DeAnne Evans


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