In Blood We Trust

December 14, 2009

Shit. It’s ten past eight. She should have called by now. Where the hell is she? Antonio  is getting impatient, so I know he won’t wait much longer. If she doesn’t call soon, I’m going to have to leave without her. That feels so wrong, leaving without her though, because it was originally her idea to go for a boat ride anyway! Checking my watch again, it’s now a quarter past eight and the boats only go until 9:30. We have to go now. She had better have a damn good excuse for ditching us!

Laughing, we walk off the docks and head back towards our apartment. I still haven’t heard from Kelly, and now I’m starting to get worried. She should have called for sure by now, and she’s not answering her phone. I can only hope it’s because she either lost her phone, or met some amazingly hot Italian and is “busy” at the moment. If she’s “busy”, I’m kind of hoping to walk in on her and embarrass her. That will teach her to ignore me and not even have the courtesy to send me a text!

I can’t believe my good luck! I found an amazing Italian boyfriend, while I’m staying in Italy with my best friend. How many people can say something like that? We decided to come here as transfer students for a year in university. You only live once right? Found a cute apartment in downtown Rome and have been loving it ever since! We have something like 8 more months here, but that almost doesn’t feel like enough time. So far, I’ve been able to keep my grades up, and haven’t gained too much weight! I thought for sure that with all the amazing local food here I’d have put on 20 pounds by now! Luckily I balance it out with all the walking I do.

Opening the door to our apartment, I start to get excited because I’m seriously hoping to walk in on Kelly with some guy! “Gotcha!” I yell out, but I’m met with silence. Now I’m really confused. Where the hell is she? This isn’t like her at all. Tried to throw my keys on the counter, but they slid off. Bending down to pick them up off the floor, I notice some blood on the floor leading into her bedroom. My heart jumps into my throat.

“Antonio, there’s blood on the floor.”
“Where babe?”
“There… it’s leading into her bedroom…”
“Maybe it’s her time of the month?”
“Really? And so she decided to bleed all over the carpet? I don’t think so!”

Really, sometimes he’s so stupid. I finally get him to come with me to check her room. I don’t want to though; I’m terrified of what I might see. Please just let her have accidentally cut herself doing, well, doing anything! After taking a deep breath, I swing her door open. That’s when I scream. There’s blood everywhere. Antonio is awfully silent but his eyes are focused in one direction. I look to see where he’s looking and that’s when I see her. Oh my god. The blood is definitely from a cut, but not any accidental cut. Her throat’s been slit. I leave to call the police.

Now, 3 months later, I’m sitting in a jail cell. In a few moments, a guard will come get me and take me to my trial. I was hopeful of a dismissal, but after they charged Antonio with murder and found him guilty, hope was pretty quick to leave. How can they seriously think it was us? If we had- I can’t even finish that thought. But if we had have murdered her, would we really have called it in? Wouldn’t that have been incredibly stupid of us? Not to mention we weren’t even there. I really want to see my parents.

Everyone is looking at me with such hatred and anger in their eyes. It’s obvious they think I did it. Why would I kill my best friend? I want to scream that question at them, but then they’d charge me with disorderly conduct or something, I’m sure. Tears are falling down my face, but I don’t notice until my lawyer hands me a tissue. Apparently, crying makes me look guilty. I’m not allowed to mourn. Here comes the big moment: the judge is about to hand down the verdict. I feel almost lifeless as I get to my feet. I bite my lip to stop my trembling. My lawyer told me that only guilty people look afraid of verdicts. I’m wondering if my lawyer  has ever been human, because I’m pretty sure that anybody, guilty or not, would be afraid. This is life-changing. The judge looks at me and says one word.


-DeAnne Evans


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