Lucky Break

December 2, 2009

It was my lucky break. Of that I was sure. He had me, back against the wall and feeling utterly hopeless, but ultimately it was I who showed him. I am woman, hear me roar.

Thinking he would subject me to my twisted past, the texts started pouring in. It was like someone was wrenching a knife in my deepest of hearts. He didn’t know one thing though: I am not his victim. I am not his plaything. I am his ending. To be sure, at one time I was his victim, his plaything, but that time has passed. This is the new time, the new me, and  now… I. Am. Fierce.

Those memories, those feelings, are all subjective. I will not allow him to have power over me any longer. I am stronger than that. I am better than that. He can kiss my ass and go to hell. I doubt hell will even take him though, the cowardly bastard.

You never mess with an Irish woman. The power of the Irish luck runs incredibly deep. Not to mention we are born fighters. You see, he thought he could twist my arm and back me into a corner; have his way with me. I was having none of that. How does that saying go? Rape me once, shame on me; rape me twice, time for you to die? Something like that, I’m sure.

Yeah. I killed him. What else was I supposed to do? The bastard had me up against a wall. I wasn’t expecting there to be so much blood though. It was everywhere. All over the walls, the ceiling. It felt like I was drowning in his blood. His expression was priceless though. He couldn’t believe some woman was killing him. As if he believed women were some kind of lower species and incapable of this kind of destruction. Haha. Joke is on him.

You know? I don’t even think I heard him scream. His mouth made that large gaping hole, of someone screaming, but I didn’t hear a noise. His eyes widened with fear as I tore into his flesh, much easier than I expected. Did you know killing was that easy? I didn’t. I don’t regret anything. He had it coming, and the idiot left a knife on the table next to me. Yeah, it was my lucky break all right. It was my lucky break.

-DeAnne Evans. All rights reserved.


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